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Letter to 2020

Dear 2020


Let's agree to part ways


You weren’t so good to me

No hard feelings

I know it wasn’t your fault

Not every year can be a diamond

And I know rough seas make you appreciate still seas

But let’s put it behind us

Sometimes time together is best forgotten 


Sometimes there’s nothing to be learnt remembering


And amnesia helps you move forward


So if I see you again


Don’t be upset if I walk the other way and pretend not to see you


I guess we had a couple of sweet moments


Moments which made me pause


Moments of tenderness that I would not otherwise have had


But I must admit, I’m glad you’re gone


Don’t take it personally


But you were tiring


Goodbye 2020, see you, hopefully never.

Written by Moozy


Lines stretching out 

Wheels turn

The rumble of bitumen 

I check the rearview mirror


As I reach back to hold your hand

to feel its little presence in mine

I feel an echo reverberate through me

An aching recollection of an earlier time 


A large hand reaching back for mine

Warmth, comfort, safety

What were you thinking?

Who were you then?


Now it's my turn to make mistakes 

History repeats itself, again

The changing of the guard 


I miss you dad 

Though you’re still here, you’re not quite here anymore

One foot in this world, the other in the next

Written by Moozy

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